Five types of shirt every guy should have


 I'm sure you've all heard the phrase "People will treat you according to the image you project". Well they're right, how you dress for every occasion says a lot about who you are. That's why we believe every guy should have the following 5 shirts styles in their closet. Be ready for every type of event and look your best!


Business ready

In the professional world the phrase "Dress for success" pretty much says it all. That's why we recommend you to have these 3 different shirt styles that are perfect for every business meeting or just for another day in the office. 

- The classic white shirt

- A stripe white and blue shirt

- The basic light blue shirt

We recommend you to have them both in cufflink cuff for a more important occasion and in a button cuff for your office day.

Business shirt


Elegant event 

In today's world everything happens so fast that you'll never know when you're going to need to wear a tux, but trust us when that moment comes you better have a tu shirt with you, otherwise the hole outfit will be ruined.

There are different styles of tux shirts but in this case if you have only one that'll be enough.

Elegant event Tux


Summer shirt

It's always summer somewhere right? And you never know when a sudden need for beach will hit you. A light shirt is your best option and what's lighter than a linen shirt. You will feel fresh and look great at the same time. If you don't have a linen shirt a cotton one will do the trick.

Summer shirt


Party shirt

How could we describe this shirt in an adequate way? This shirt is the one that is perfect for your friend's bbq or a party at the club. It's usually a versatile style with design and quality, enough to make you look like a better version of your everyday usual self.

Party shirt


Casual shirt

Here is where your everyday shirt bits in. It's your Sunday or your after hours shirt. We recommend you to keep the design basic, so it can be used in different situations.

Casual shirt


As long as you have these styles in your closet you're ready to go. Just remember to apply your personal style in them. That extra touch will go a long way!

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