How to wear a printed shirt

No matter the season, prints are meant to be worn all year round. There are all kinds of prints out there; you have them in small patterns big patterns, geometric patterns and why not animals, flowers and more.

The easiest way to upgrade your look is by adding a printed shirt into your outfit; no matter the season - no matter the print (just leave the hawaiian print shirt in your dads closet). A printed shirt can be worn in almost every type of environment and will add a stylish touch to your outfit.


Classic style

Keep things easy and simple by paring your suit or dress outfit with a geometrical printed shirt. It doesn't matter what motif you choose, the only thing you need to consider is the size. If you're not sure on how big is too big we have a tip for you, if you can differenciate the pattern from a distance then it is too big. Add a tie that matches and you will be ready to go*.



Casual look

Everyone loves a good casual look. Pair your jeans with a fun printed shirt, like a flower or animal motif. But before you get scared away I don't mean animal print like a gigantic zebra or a cheetah print; I mean a discrete design pattern that will apply more elegance to your look. The smaller the pattern, the classier you will look. 

So roll up those sleeves, add a pair of aviator glasses and a leather strap watch and get ready to be spotted from the crowd.


Casual shirt


Smart look

You know that awkward moment when the dress code is something so ambiguous that you're left even more confused than before you read it. In most cases that's when you opt for "The smart look" - a more balanced outfit. 

It is something that you wear when a suit is too much but a pair of jeans is not okay.

A nice pair of cotton or wool trousers matched with a small pattern shirt and a cashmere or cotton sweater is the perfect mix. You can also go for a plain tie or a big patterned tie for a more extravagant touch*. 



Special season look

Like I said before, a printed shirt can be worn all year round no matter the season. Of course the pattern does play an important role in the season you choose to wear it. Apart from that, no other "rule" applies. 

In the summer we recommend you to wear it with shorts and boat shoes, you know, for a laid back style. What matters here is that you feel comfortable.


Casual shirt


As you can see you can wear a printed shirt in different styles, you just have to find a pattern that works for the occasion and why not have fun with the different types of prints that exist out there. Everyone will be left impressed by your style.



*Check out our post on how to match the tie with your shirt.


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