How to wear a suit in the summer

Finally summer is here, unfortunately you're not a kid anymore instead of going out on vacation you're going out to the office (we know that's not what you wanted to hear).

If you have the opportunity to go for a relaxed dress code you're ready to go, put on some shorts and enjoy the summer; but if you're like many of us that option is out of the table. 

But don't worry we have some tips to keep it cool while wearing a suit.


1. Get your ankles out

Pull that hem up! There are 2 ways of doing this: a slight break or a half break.

The first is when the hem of your trousers meets your shoes in a slight way. While the second is when there's a visible space between the hem and your shoes.

If you want to take things to an extreme you can roll up your trousers and enjoy the breeze.

2. No socks

Have you heard about loafers? They're lace free shoes that work perfectly when you're sockless; the best part is that they're office and socially acceptable, so you'll be ready to go for an after hours.

If loafers are not your thing you can also go sockless by wearing a more casual type of shoe, like sneakers. You can also go for dress shoes but make sure the rest of your outfit is appropriate. And in being the case, leave the mocassins at home.

3. Light weight materials

Hello linen! Summer is all about light weight breathable fabrics; like linen, cotton and good quality light wool. You may be skeptic about the wool but trust us its the most versatile fabric out there, you won't even believe its wool.

4. No tie

It's summer and that implies a more casual dress code, right? To avoid looking half dressed we recommend using a good quality, breathable wool suit with an open oxford collar shirt; like we mentioned above there are many light weight breathable fabrics out there for you to choose from.

5. Drop the lining

Please leave your lining suits at home, you'll thank us later. There's a ton of fashionable options for a lining free blazer. If your style is more sport opt for a deconstructed blazer; you will feel so fresh and movement free you'll never want to go back . But if you're looking for something more formal then you'll love the half lining blazer, it's the best of both worlds.

But no matter the style drop the full lining!

Follow these tips and you won't dread so bad the summer in the office.

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