Recovery regime

It's been quite a long weekend and now it's time to go back to reality. But let's face it, we are not ready and neither is your body; either it was because you partied too hard or didn't get enough sleep catching up on your Netflix series. Although one thing is for sure, in order to look good you need to feel good. That's why we bring you some tips on how to put yourself together.


De-puff your eyes. Puffy-tired eyes are the worst! They are total snitchers that you didn't have a good night sleep. In order to combat them we have two options; the first one is to put two spoons in the freezer over night and in the morning put them in your eyes where the puffiness is, leave them at least for 5 minutes you'll notice the difference. The second one is to use tea bags, after you prepare your morning tea put the bags in your eyes, the warmth with the caffeine will do magic, leave them for 15 minutes and you'll be as good as new. 

This may take you a few extra minutes in the morning, but it's completely worth it. 



Shower. This one may seem obvious but there are some details people disregard, and the truth is they make such a difference! If you are in a hurry a 5 minutes shower is all you're gonna need, just make sure you shower with cold water, this will help you de-puff. But if you have time and a tub we recommend to take an Epson Salt bath with warm water. You'll thank us after.


Apply moisturizer. After a night out partying your skin needs moisture. Choose one that works well with your skin and leave you looking fresh.


Drink water. We can't emphasize this enough. Your body needs water and whenever you are in doubt that you have had enough, drink one more. 


Follow these tips and everyone will think you took long relaxing vacations.

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